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Name: J Craig Melia

Location: Yorkshire England
Joined: 18 Mar 2006
Last Online: 15 Aug 2018

About Me:

Highly motivated, creative and versatile with experience in a wide range of applications and new media technologies. Fully competent in Design Team Development, Product Design, Brainstorming and Storyboarding. Responsible for taking projects through their full development cycle.

I am relaxed and comfortable in dealing with customers, to me Business is about building and maintaining relationships as much as it about generating revenue. As such I'm very pleased that most of my work comes through referrals.

Company Name: Innov8 Design

Company Description: Based in the Northwest of England, many of our customers are based within Liverpool, Manchester and Southport, though we have provided services for companies and organisations in Europe and America, as well as nationally.

Our reputation continues to grow, and indeed the majority of our new business is referral work. Having a good working relationship is at the heart of what we do and regardless of the size and focus of your business we aim to provide the same high level of service and quality of work.

Company Website: website

Social Media Links: Twitter Account for J Craig Melia  


Web Design
Web Development
Search Engine Optimisation

Business Type: Company

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