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Name: Jason Kanigan

Location: Wilmington NC USA
Joined: 19 Sep 2009
Last Online: 12 Dec 2010

About Me:

I'm a business development professional who lived in Vancouver, BC, Canada for 35 years and then moved to Wilmington, NC, USA so that my wife can be near her family. I was a plant manager at 25 and was responsible for $2 million in monthly collections for 4 years at a national electrical wholesaler. Most fun of all, I've helped business owners, managers and sales executives increase their sales effectiveness and figures. I use and teach a consultative selling methodology that truly takes the mystery out of the sales process, lets you retain your dignity, and allows the customer to lead you both to the sale rather than have you push for it.

Company Name:

Company Description: If you are:

* frustrated that your sales results are up and down, leading to cash flow problems

* concerned because prospects keep squeezing you on price

* upset because not enough potential customers are talking with you

we should speak. In 3 or 4 minutes I'll be able to tell if there's anything I can do for you. If not, we'll go our separate ways; if so, we'll figure out what that next step will look like.

I also write technical articles and resumes, and coach people through the job hunting process.

Company Website: website

Social Media Links: Facebook Account for Jason Kanigan


sales training
business development
writing services
resume services
job hunting services
grant applications
advertising copy writing

Business Type: Sole Trader

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