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Behaviour Guidelines

"We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools." -- Martin Luther King, Jr.

OfficiaNet is an interactive environment that encourages positive participation and collaboration across many diverse sectors. This should be taken into account when developing partnerships as each person will have a different skill set that is no more or less applicable than any other.

We will ensure that all members are respected as valued members of the OfficiaNet Community who can express their ideas and opinions free from any form of intimidation or prejudice.

It is expected that all users are courteous and supportive although we do understand that for projects to develop that an amount of constructive criticism is necessary but should always be supported by alternative options thus aiding positive development and offering direction and guidance.

We would like to point out however that the opinions expressed by members of OfficiaNet are not necessarily those shared by the administrators and developers of the OfficiaNet Community.

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