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Our Ethos

“To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.” --Douglas Adams

OfficiaNet is committed to providing the highest level of professional service to its customers. We believe this can be achieved by understanding and sharing their visions and aspirations, as well as their wants and needs.

At OfficiaNet our mission is to transform and improve the way that companies do business, to help them to become more effective within their organisation whilst at the same time helping them to open up new professional opporunities through business networking and collaboration.

Working closely with other complementary professional disciplines, we bring added value to our clients by providing a focused service that works to meet genuine business needs.

We believe in good manners, a community spirit, and in working together for the common good of all.

Ethical Business

It is very important that early on in the process of ‘start-up’ that you clearly define the ethos of your project, your group and your organisation. This is becoming more and more important in the business world as customers, investors and potential partners have easy access to information and the ethical and moral standpoint has become of great importance when it comes down to the choice of who people want to work with and identify with.

The concept of Ethical Business has come to mean a variety of things to various people but generally it working towards defining what is right or wrong in the workplace and doing what is right. This equally applies to products and services, but is also important with regard to relationships with employees and other stakeholders.

This is most critical during times of major change and we are currently going through a major transformational period. The values espoused by an Organisation can make the difference between success and failure and this applies equally to the profit and not for profit sectors.

Developing, and more importantly demonstrating, a Social Conscience on behalf of your Organisation is primary to achieving worthwhile sustainability. Honesty, integrity and conscience are now meaningful commodities in any developing business and will attract investment and positive publicity by being responsible for your actions in the often fragile global market-place.

A key focus in the development and provision of OfficiaNet is to help foster a vibrant network of ethical business where innovation and imagination go hand in hand with a commitment to conservation and community renewal but this does not mean we have to disregard profit and growth to achieve these aims.

We are at the forefront of a new era of business development which encourages the blending of Third Sector passion and faith with the skills and experience of the Private Sector and welcome your input to help us further develop our own ethos which in turn will ensure we provide the environment for you to flourish.


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